We are passionate about baking biscuits, producing high quality biscuits at a cost-effective price to our customers.

GMP Foods is a Gauteng–based producer and distributor of a select range of biscuits, supplying products across South Africa and neighbouring countries. Presently, GMP Foods produces many different biscuit lines, available in bulk or prepacked options, which includes our Shortbread, Ginger, Choc Chip, Creams, Lemon Creams, Marie and Tanee biscuit ranges, establishing Nice & Fresh Biscuits in the local market as a premium brand of biscuits in South Africa.

At GMP Foods, we are committed to supplying the public and food industry with tasty and high quality biscuits by using the finest ingredients and traditional recipes at a cost-effective price, while incorporating ethical business values.




Our shortbread biscuits are light and crispy, baked to perfection – the ideal tea-time treat.


Expect crunchy biscuits packed with rich chocolate chips – an all-time favourite.


Delicious chocolate vanilla biscuit.


Our tearings comes in three different flavours, original, ginger and coconut.


Our refreshing ginger biscuits are an all-time favourite with a rich ginger taste.